The Flu Causes 17 Million Employee Absences – Combating the Quiet Crisis

Doctor taking blood pressure

Fever, sore throat, headache, aches and chills – these are a few symptoms of seasonal Influenza, otherwise…

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Firestorm #TopJob: Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability – Nashville, TN

Business handshake

Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability Nashville, TN Job Posting #2975 Position: Director of Environmental, Health, Safety…

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Wicked Flu Season: Are Boomers More Susceptible to H3N2?

Cold or Flu chart

This year’s flu has been reported as being particularly difficult but has not reached “pandemic” level, however,…

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Proactive Rather Than Reactive – Michigan Hospitals Limit Who Visits Facilities

Recently, a hospital in Michigan modified visitation hours, banning children 13 years and younger from visiting the…

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What Enters Your Office Doors? Managing Visitors During a Pandemic

The most common illness experience most of us will have in our organizations will be as a…

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8 Telework and Social Distancing Points for Employer Communicable Illness Plans

A Communicable Illness Plan (CIP) should primarily focus on describing expected actions of, as well as coordination…

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Dr. Don Donahue on the Rise of Measles in the U.S. – Why Risk Exposure?

For those of a certain age, childhood diseases such as measles were a routine matter. What fades…

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Germs in the Workplace: Communicating Health Information for Wellness

washing hands

Germs are tiny microorganisms that exist all around us and are invisible to the human eye. There…

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Health Communication Priorities for Recent Rise in Mumps Outbreaks

Mumps Mumps is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. It typically starts with a few…

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