What Enters Your Office Doors? Managing Visitors During a Pandemic

The most common illness experience most of us will have in our organizations will be as a…

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8 Telework and Social Distancing Points for Employer Communicable Illness Plans

A Communicable Illness Plan (CIP) should primarily focus on describing expected actions of, as well as coordination…

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Dr. Don Donahue on the Rise of Measles in the U.S. – Why Risk Exposure?

For those of a certain age, childhood diseases such as measles were a routine matter. What fades…

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Germs in the Workplace: Communicating Health Information for Wellness

washing hands

Germs are tiny microorganisms that exist all around us and are invisible to the human eye. There…

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Health Communication Priorities for Recent Rise in Mumps Outbreaks

Mumps Mumps is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. It typically starts with a few…

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Putting The Dangers of Today’s Risks, Crises and Disasters into (Some) Perspective

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that recent terrorist attacks have vaulted terrorism and national security to…

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Health Communication to Boost Influenza Immunization Rates Remains a Priority

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the United States experiences epidemics of seasonal flu each…

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CDC Urges 6 Months and Older To Get A Flu Shot ASAP

I never get the Flu video from the CDC

Who should get vaccinated this season? Everyone 6 months of age and older should get a flu…

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Newly Identified Strain of E. Coli Bacteria Resistant to the “Antibiotic of Last Resort”

Image of Escherichia coli

Antibiotics and similar drugs, together called antimicrobial agents, have been used for the last 70 years to…

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