Constructing a Community Narrative

Bridge and overpass

Repubished with permission of Dr. John Plodinec Community resilience requires action. And in communities “action is at…

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Proactive Rather Than Reactive – Michigan Hospitals Limit Who Visits Facilities

Recently, a hospital in Michigan modified visitation hours, banning children 13 years and younger from visiting the…

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Lessons in Disaster Recovery – An Interview with Ernest DelBuono

Firestorm Expert Council member, Ernest DelBuono, is a retired United States Coast Guard Commander with more than…

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#LVShooting: Clark County Trauma Center Sets Admirable Example

Days after the shooting stopped, the tragedy in Las Vegas continues to unfold as authorities unravel the…

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Things to Make You Go Hmmm – About Community Resilience

Republished with permission of: Community & Regional Resilience Institute With continuing apologies to – and appreciation of…

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Deep Diving into Community Data

John Plodinec of CARRI

Republished with permission of: John Plodinec and the Community and Regional Resilience Institute Firestorm Expert Council member,…

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Steve Crimando on: TSA Issues New Guidance on Vehicle Ramming Attacks

On May 4th, the Transportation Security Administration issued a new unclassified report, “Vehicle Ramming Attacks: Threat Landscape,…

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Practitioner’s Model of Community Resilience: From Identity to Model

John Plodinec Community Resiliency Expert

Practitioner’s Model of Community Resilience: From Identity to Model Read part 1 of the series [Earlier this…

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Dr. Don Donahue on the Rise of Measles in the U.S. – Why Risk Exposure?

For those of a certain age, childhood diseases such as measles were a routine matter. What fades…

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Practitioner’s Model of Community Resilience: Bases

Trigger Warning! The arithmophobic may experience palpitations, panic attacks, or even pass out. I will try to…

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