Jim Satterfield Interviewed on CBS46: Artificial Intelligence Used to Ward off School Attacks

Although the summer season doesn’t conclude until mid-September, summer vacation is coming to an end for teachers,…

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How Corporate Culture Contributes to Corporate Success

business professional interview at laptop

I recently read an article in IndustryWeek titled, “You Have the Wrong Idea about Corporate Culture.” The…

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Cognitive Bias and Community Resilience – By Dr. John Plodinec

Cognitive thoughts

Reposted with permission of: Dr. John Plodinec, Community and Regional Resilience Institute Have you ever tried to…

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Four Barriers to Physical Security

Broken chain

Organizations must include in planning, the risk of a targeted violence event occurring on or around their…

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Leadership in the Spotlight

It is extremely important for leaders to recognize that they possess real power. That power surrounds them…

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Bad karma: we can’t find that page!

Despite our computers looking very hard, we could not find it. What happened? the link you clicked…

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