Worlds Away: The Disaster You Didn’t See Coming

A volcano is erupting on the same island recovering from an earthquake and a tsunami. More disturbing…

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How Waffle House (and the Coburg Cow) Became a Resilient Brand

The ⁦@WaffleHouse⁩ Storm Center is activated and monitoring #Florence. Plan ahead and be safe. — Waffle…

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Strategy in the Aftermath: How Local Governments Can Protect Citizens and Emergency Responders from Toxins After Natural Disasters

(9/17/2018) Significant rainfall and historical flooding continue along the East coast following Hurricane Florence. According to the…

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How to Prepare in the Hours Before a Hurricane

This month in Hurricane history: September 1989 – Hurricane Hugo crashed ashore in Charleston, South Carolina as…

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Small Failures Result in Big Crises – Insights by Guy Higgins

Airplane flying above city

I recently read a post by Dr. Bob Chandler about an airline crash that killed 71 people…

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When Everything is Going Well – The Duty of a Leader by Guy Higgins

As I was doing a little research for one of my posts, I came across an aviation…

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Five Aphorisms, and an Afterword – Community Resilience

flooding 1

Reposted with permission of Dr. John Plodinec, Community and Regional  Resilience Institute Five years after Hurricane Katrina,…

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Infographic: Can your organization survive a Wildfire?

Update On Oregon Fires 7/19/2018: At least 163 wildfires were detected in the state after 2,300 lightning…

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How a Disaster on the Opposite Side of the Globe Can Impact Your Business

supply chain risk

By: Jim Satterfield, Firestorm CEO/President/Co-Founder, and Candace Kaiser, Firestorm Content Marketing Manager The world experienced two very…

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