Firestorm is America’s CRISIS COACH®

 Firestorm Solutions, LLC, is a national leader in crisis management, crisis communications, crisis public relations, crisis response, and consequence management. Firestorm principals have provided Critical Decision Support to clients in crisis for almost twenty years. These Crisis Coach® assignments are often high stress environments where management needs assistance as a result of an unexpected occurrence. It is exceedingly difficult in these situations for management to make the best possible decision, as they are often too close to the issue and are not following a disciplined approach to resolution. Firestorm can bring an objective viewpoint and a detailed understanding of crisis management to assist in these situations. This is Critical Decision Support.

In a crisis, a client needs a dispassionate third party to give direction. “Every crisis needs a general.” In a crisis, someone must assume the command role. In some situations, Firestorm provides critical decision advisory support to the general. In other cases, where the situation demands, Firestorm will actually take over the role of general.

It is our significant hands-on crisis experience and PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology over hundreds of engagements that enables us to achieve better outcomes for our clients.