Please Join us as NASDAQ Welcomes Novume – VIDEO

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Firestorm is proud to share the following moments from the NASDAQ today as our parent company Novume rang the closing bell. Learn more at

At its core, Novume Solutions™ is about people — the right people solving complex problems.

Novume helps federal government contractors to CAPTURE business, MANAGE risk, RUN client back-end services and PERFORM their contract requirements.

Novume provides the scale and mass to deliver critical, specialized and difficult-to-find human and infrastructure resources and expertise at the enterprise level.

🔔 Novume Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVMM) Behind the Bell: Novume Solutions


Jim McCarthy Rings the Closing Bell at NASDAQ


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Firestorm® Solutions, is a Novume™ Solutions company (Nasdaq: NVMM), and is a leading crisis and risk management firm and America’s CRISIS COACH®. Since 2005, Firestorm has assisted clients in transforming crisis into value by responding to some of the largest and most complex crisis events as well as combining best-practice consulting with proven crisis management expertise. Firestorm empowers clients to manage crisis and risk through assessments, audits, program development, insurance partnerships, training and advisory services using the PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology.

Firestorm assesses, audits, develops, trains and tests strategies and programs encompassing emergency response, business continuity, crisis management, and crisis communications/PR. Firestorm demonstrates thought leadership in workplace violence prevention, cyber-breach response, insurance-related services, communicable illness/pandemic planning, predictive intelligence, and every preparedness initiative.

Firestorm provided crisis management and crisis communications services to Virginia Tech after the shootings and continues to provide services to keep tens of thousands of employees, customers and students safer.

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