Firestorm Insurance Strategy

Firestorm founders have extensive public company c-level insurance experience. Firestorm is uniquely positioned to support insureds, agents, brokers, and carriers with content marketing, insurance products and services to provide market/product differentiation, increase insurance sales and retention, reduce insured risk, lower policy losses related to both frequency and severity, and increase profitability.

The Firestorm insurance strategy is to identify target insured/client markets, leverage Firestorm capabilities to support insurance products to address these target client needs and promote those insurance products directly via content marketing to insureds, agents, and brokers. Firestorm first introduced the concept of Crisis as a Peril™ in 2015 at RIMS. Firestorm has designed a series of products to support insurers, reinsurers, brokers, and agents. The sample products are CRISIS STOP™, CRISIS STOP+, CRISIS COACH Insurance, and Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment Program (BERTHA®).

Firestorm provides insureds risk awareness, risk management, client preparedness education, access to preparedness and response plans, and crisis response services.