Zika Outbreak: Mindfulness and Caution called for

An obscure virus, known for years and long considered a minor affliction, suddenly spreads and causes hitherto…

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Balancing Travel Bans – Restrictions to Zika-Infected Countries Reduced

Transportation trucking

One of the greatest challenges when addressing a novel disease, and especially one with serious consequences, is…

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New Threat of Zika Virus – Guillain-Barré Syndrome Spike

zika virus

The spread and effects of the Zika virus continue to be an almost daily item in news reports. Awareness and a proactive approach are the answer. Are you prepared?

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From Footnote to Headline– The Continuing Zika Story


The spread and impact of the Zika virus continue to garner daily news coverage.  As scientists learn…

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Dr. Don Donahue on Outbreak of ‘nightmare bacteria’ in Illinois

Health Matters From The Wall Street Journal – The largest outbreak to date of one strain of…

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Princeton to make meningitis B vaccine available

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) By Dr. Donald Donahue JR., DHEd, MBA, FACHE, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret), Firestorm Expert Council…

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H7N9 – Awareness can keep you Healthy

Heightened Concern After First Reported Case Of Human To Human H7N9 Bird Flu Transmission Article: A new…

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H7N9 and Emerging Health Risks

4/3 如何預防H7N9? (Photo credit: SimonQ錫濛譙) Analysis by Dr. Don Donahue, Firestorm Expert Council Member  • Shanghai will…

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Confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus now Number 9

Live Saving Basics – the First Step is Awareness By Don Donahue Background On 22 September 2012,…

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Dr. Donahue on HIV Link to New Virulent Strains of Salmonella

Focus: : The iNTS [invasive,non-typhoidal salmonella] epidemic is caused by a strain of salmonella that has been…

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