Whether an Airline or a School Bus Company – Response is the Same

First, some background: On May 17th of this year, there was a horrific New Jersey School Bus…

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Communities and Violence – Insights by Dr. John Plodinec

School children

Reprinted with permission of Dr. John Plodinec and Community and Regional Resilience Institute (CARRI) Another school shooting…

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Podcast Interview with Harry Rhulen: How to Recognize a Potential Threat

Harry Rhulen President Novume and Firestorm Founder

On Friday, May 25th, another school in America witnessed an active shooter within its halls. A 13-year-old…

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How #IfIDieInASchoolShooting Became a Thing You Probably Didn’t Know About


“We, teenagers, are tweeting using #IfIDieInASchoolShooting. The saddest part about it? We have all already had these…

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It’s Time to #ShareTheFormula

May 10, 2018: Today as you read this, a group of dedicated experts focused on preventing future…

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Security Baked Blueprints – Improving Safety Through Construction

More and more, clients are asking Firestorm and our Security Solutions Team to “Bake Security into their…

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Firestorm Solutions to Host Roundtable on School Violence in Washington D.C. – Press Release

Panel Expected to Feature Educators and Victim Families and Experts in Behavioral Risk Management, Crisis management and…

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