Forecasting Insurance Trends for 2017

With 2016 in the rearview mirror, many brokers, agents and underwriters are reviewing risks and opportunities that will…

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Planning for the Unplannable in 2017

Predict Sign

Masullo: Recently, in an interview with Firestorm President Jim Satterfield, we wrapped up “The Year in Crisis.”…

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Left of X – Reprise

At a recent meeting of the Colorado Preparedness Advisory Council, I mentioned that I had posted on…

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Assessing Active Shooter Risks at Education Facilities

Article republished with permission by our friends at McGowan Program Administrators. Schools have long been bastions of…

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Violence Prevention and Preparedness – An Infograph

Throughout 2016, Firestorm has surveyed more than 2,000 webinar participants on the subject of violence prevention and…

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Workplace Violence 101: Post-Event Commentary and Lessons Learned

Incidents of workplace violence saturate our televisions, social media accounts and every other form of communication on…

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Left of X

Editor’s note: We are pleased to share an excellent piece by Firestorm Principal Guy Higgins. Guy’s keen…

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School Districts have an Opportunity BEFORE Violence

children walking up school steps

Operating a school district in today’s world is becoming increasingly complex. Due to technology, the environment that…

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