Jim Satterfield Interviewed on CBS46: Artificial Intelligence Used to Ward off School Attacks

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Although the summer season doesn’t conclude until mid-September, summer vacation is coming to an end for teachers, faculty, staff and students. August kick starts back-to-school training, programs, and final preparations for the new academic year.

As the first bell awaits every school, parents and community members may be asking what your school has done to increase the safety of your campus.

The Firestorm approach to school and workplace safety is in the form of a 9-element formula. The formula incorporates both proactive steps to prevent incidents of violence, and steps to take when a violent event occurs. Firestorm CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Satterfield was recently interviewed by CBS46 to discuss one way schools can prevent an incident from entering their doors.

Artificial intelligence used to ward off school attacks

ATLANTA (CBS46) – Could artificial intelligence be the way to keep children safe from attacks in school? James Satterfield believes it is a big component.

His company Firestorm, in Atlanta, uses AI to sift through social media posts looking for threatening terms, pictures and phrases.

“If you can intervene when that first behavior becomes apparent, then we can stop that even from ever occurring, and that’s our goal,” Satterfield told CBS46.

He began focusing on school safety technology after his company was brought in to handle the Virginia Tech shooting crisis.

“One of the things that we observed in that is that there were behaviors of concern back in elementary school, junior high, high school, all about that particular shooter,” Satterfield said. “If you’ll go back to all the recent shootings that you’ve seen around the country, then you see those patterns are repeated over and over again,” he added.

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