Preparing your Organization for Active Violence, an Active Shooter Seminar

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Firestorm Chief Security Officer, Jason Russell, will present a seminar to more than 400 business owners in…

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Responding When a Loved One is Trapped in an Attack Zone

Associated Press of Police car outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

There are those who rush toward danger on our behalf in a crisis. Many times, people outside…

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How to Talk to Children After an Episode of Violence

children walking up school steps

Processing events such as the recent attack at a Florida High School that killed at least 17…

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Three Steps to Follow When Preparing for an Emergency Incident

In a previous article we discussed the four barriers to physical security: cost, aesthetics, convenience and belief…

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The Door Knob Dilemma

Door knob with keyhole

Do your classroom door handles have locks on them? Are classroom door locks permitted by the fire…

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