Issues at Wando Port Continue – Impact on Community

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Missan Eido

Missan Eido, Firestorm Principal

Recently, Firestorm Principal Guy Higgins gave his analysis of the Wando, SC Port Software System upgrade that caused extensive delays at the port’s gate entry.  Firestorm Principal Missan Eido adds his analysis on Day five of the continuing event.

An unexpected seven hour wait is significant when viewed from the perspective of a truck driver idling on the highway. It is a reminder that every crisis is a human crisis given that completing a trip on-time is what can make or break a driver family weekly budget.

From the supply chain perspective, this type of disruption is, to some extent, normal around ports and border crossings. Naturally, the impact can vary depending on the shipment and can, in many cases, cause a disruptive reverberation across many supply chain nodes.

WandoPortPorts around the world are mostly located near and surrounded by growing cities with significant traffic congestion. Typically, this type of delay is reflected in the planning parameters and it should not cause undue pain. However, it is important to observe delay trends and time distribution behavior over time, to assess the supply chain performance implications. Delay frequency and duration increase over time must be considered as a red flag and should motivate a discussion around updating the planning parameters or considering alternative logistics nodes.

” In rethinking parts of the logistics network, care should be taken to insure that the proposed alternative risk factors and reliability are-well assessed. The implications across the network must be within the acceptable tolerance range.”

We are often reminded that transportation solutions all too often lag behind, given the public capital outlay involved is transportation improvement. Understanding the risks involved in global transportation and correctly anticipating the supply chain vulnerabilities remains a key competitive success factor. However, long term success is dependent on translating the risk/vulnerability understanding into a resilient supply network design.

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All in all, delays and transportation congestion are a feature of a growing global trade. We all need to accept that the only permanent solution is well designed flexible and resilient logistics network that can learn, adapt and change as needed in response to internal and external developments.

Changes to existing systems must be well-coordinated and tested for every contingency. In the Wando situation, local law enforcement has been taxed unexpectedly, and local businesses have been adversely affected by traffic delays and gridlock.

Communicating anticipated changes, test results and contingency plans can go a long way to assuring that local law enforcement and municipal agencies, partners, vendors, clients, employees, customers and the community trust and continue to trust your message and your Brand.

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