Missan Eido, Firestorm Principal

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Missan Eido Firestorm PrincipalMissan Eido is a seasoned Program Manager with an extensive track record of achieving excellent results through people and teams directing Global Transformation Programs. These Programs focus on Business Architecture redesign for resiliency, Business Continuity Planning, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Optimization and Lean Manufacturing Operations.

Missan is recognized for managing successful business assessment programs aimed at identifying process vulnerabilities and managing programs designed to mitigate risk and deliver improved cost and cycle time performance. His substantive work across a myriad of systems, business processes and global organizational cultures provides him with extensive insight into how any company can best avoid the five common business failures that are typically exposed during a crisis, disruption or disaster, and threaten an organization’s resiliency and overall value to stakeholders.

Firestorm’s work with major clients, which includes crisis management support at Virginia Tech, provides Missan with excellent insights into the importance of preparedness. Leveraging experience and knowledge that spans a broad spectrum, Missan speaks to the considerations an entity employs to build disaster ready people and disaster ready businesses as a part of its overall operations, financial and reputation risk management strategy. Audiences will learn the value of Firestorm’s Predict. Plan. Perform.™ process to “keep disruptions from becoming disasters.”

Working for more than two decades in a variety of regional and global management roles allowed Missan to develop a deep understanding of the challenges associated with establishing durable business processes and controls that support overall preparedness.

Missan has published articles on Semiconductor Fabrication Planning and Dispatch, Co-authored a white page on Discrete Event Simulation in supply chain planning and inventory control and has spoken on panels in business and industry forums.

He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Beirut Lebanon and completed graduate work at California State University Fullerton. He is a certified Quality Assurance and Production and Inventory Control Professional. Connect with Missan on LinkedIn.

Texas Partnership | Missan Eido | Principal | 8105 Isaac Pryor Drive | Austin, TX 78749 | Tel: 512-524-6359 | Cell: 512-507-6930 | [email protected]

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