Why You Need To Attend Conditions of the Unknown

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Planning for what you know is easy.  Planning for what you don’t know is smart.

Planning for what you don’t know you don’t know is Firestorm smart.

Crisis Event MosaicOver the past year, Firestorm has created a unique approach to cost-effective stress-testing of teams and plans in crisis. We began hosting two-hour Virtual Stress Test exercises last September, and have since trained thousands of people from thousands of organizations worldwide using a number of crisis scenarios.

Throughout these tests, we have observed participants doing what smart participants do – asking for more information, more notice and more “forewarning” of unfolding events in each scenario, so they might better prepare their teams.

But that is not how an actual crisis will unfold.

We never know exactly where the storm will hit, what the hackers will hack, or where the weapon will aim.  It does not serve our community to detail the exercise and this time, we don’t.

On August 22, 2016 from 2-4 PM, join Firestorm President Jim Satterfield and special guests Paul Marshall of McGowan Programs and Angelo Stio III of Pepper Hamilton as we unfold a crisis of the unknown.

Live participation seating is limited to the first 1000.  Please register early to assure your team a seat.

Register Webinar Image“The last time a surprise was a good thing, I was five years old and it was my birthday.” – Jim Satterfield, Firestorm President/COO and Co-founder.

About Firestorm:

Firestorm® is America’s CRISIS COACH®. Since 2005, Firestorm has assisted clients in transforming crisis into value. The Firestorm PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology combines best-practice consulting with proven crisis management expertise, empowering clients to manage risk and crisis.

Firestorm assesses, audits, develops, trains and tests strategies and programs encompassing emergency response, business continuity, crisis management and crisis communications/PR. Firestorm demonstrates thought leadership in workplace violence prevention, cyber-breach response, communicable illness/pandemic planning, predictive intelligence and every preparedness initiative.

Firestorm has worked with hundreds of schools to keep tens of thousands of students safer. Firestorm provided crisis management and crisis communications services to Virginia Tech after the shootings and more recently to Littleton, CO, Roswell, NM and Jefferson County School District in Colorado (location of Columbine) among others.

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