Welcome Ken Newman to the Firestorm Team – Vice President of Sales & Development

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Ken Newman – Vice President of Sales & Development

We’d like to give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Firestorm team, Ken Newman. Ken enters the team as the Vice President of Sales and Development.

Ken has a diverse and unique background that is complimentary to the corporate strategy and function of Firestorm and Secure Education Consultants, a division of Firestorm. Ken has more than 18 years of experience in different levels of security, emergency preparation, emergency response and related fields. Ken began his career with the U.S. Army where he served proudly and maintained various roles and responsibilities. Those roles included Administrative Specialist, Infantryman, Jump Master, Drill Instructor, Team Leader, Squad leader, Training Coordinator and Security Team Commander. He is a combat veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm and possesses many military awards.Ken Newman - Firestorm Vice President of Sales & Development

After serving for eight years, Ken became a police officer, where once again, he held numerous roles and responsibilities. He began as a Patrol Officer, and then became a Tactical Narcotics Officer. Ken was selected as a member of the SWAT team and was also moved to a Special Investigator role. With this title, he conducted hundreds of violent crime investigations, high risk search warrants, undercover operations and large Narcotics investigations.

He is trained in Active Shooter Response, Urban Warfare, Special Weapons and Tactics, Advanced Security Procedures, among other areas. He rounded out his career in Law Enforcement as a K-9 officer.

Ken’s next level of success was as an Executive Vice President for a prestigious security consulting company, currently at the top of the market. He was responsible for a large part of their growth due to his commitment with developing procedures, products and quality services still being practiced today.

Ken has been a part of training teachers and employees across the country on cutting-edge security and preparation procedures. He has conducted numerous keynote presentations across the country on security measures in schools, businesses and child care facilities.

Ken is excited to begin empowering clients to manage crisis and risk.

My passion for emergency preparedness and Critical Incident response training stems from being a parent first and foremost. I want those caring for my children as well as those caring for their customers and employees, to have the highest level of training we can provide to them. They deserve it! We continue to utilize old methodology and training techniques that don’t align with the current threats and violent acts that continue to plague our schools, businesses, places of worship and our communities across our country. Our process is unique, as we deliver it from a proactive viewpoint and process delivered and built by the most highly trained security minds on the planet. It’s not a reactive response process. It is my/our mission to provide to clients the highest level of emergency preparedness and training so that we can take care of those in our care to the utmost of our ability. I’m excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to this team of amazing leaders and experts to help drive our mission.

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