VIDEO: CMS Final Rule – Emergency Planning for Medical Facilities

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Recently, Firestorm CEO/President and Co-Founder, Jim Satterfield appeared on The Bridge to discuss the CMS Final Rule. Joining Jim were Dr. Don Donahue, Professor & Program Chair UMUS and Firestorm Expert Council Member, and Libby Benet, Underwriter U.S. Lead Specialty Lines, Beazley Insurance Group.

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Firestorm has decoded the 600+ pages of the new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Emergency Preparedness Regulation and is providing a no-fee webinar to explain what needs to be done to be in compliance.

The CMS reviewed existing Medicare emergency regulatory preparedness requirements for both providers and suppliers. CMS found that while many providers and suppliers have emergency preparedness requirements, those requirements do not go far enough in ensuring that these providers and suppliers are equipped and prepared to help protect those they serve during emergencies and disasters.

There is consensus that these existing emergency preparedness requirements are generally insufficient in the face of the needs of the patients, staff and communities, and do not address inconsistency in the level of emergency preparedness among all types of healthcare providers. Some providers have no emergency preparedness requirements at all, and current emergency preparedness requirements are not sufficient to handle the complexities of actual emergencies.

This rule establishes a consistent framework that mandates incorporation of best practices and lessons learned in emergency preparedness.  The rule details the 17 types of “facilities” that are covered under the regulation. This final rule will be enforceable as of November 15, 2017.  Failure to comply will cause loss of all Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. No extensions are anticipated.

Join Firestorm subject matter expert, Kevin ‘Mac’ McIntyre, for a CMS Rule Preparedness Program Session:

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