Veterans Contribute to Firestorm’s Culture of Preparedness: Featuring General Russel Honoré

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Veterans Day 2012Firestorm Expert Council Member LTG Russel Honoré, U.S Army Ret. on a Culture of Preparedness

This week, in salute to the significant contribution our Veterans make to a Culture of Preparedness, we feature this message and videos from Firestorm Expert Council Member

LTG Russel Honoré, U.S Army Ret.


Friends , its time for us to get prepared – Katrina now Sandy – be Ready to be Your own First Responder”


WATCH: From CNN Interview: Gen. Russel Honoré breaks down the preparations for Hurricane Sandy with CNN’s Don Lemon


The General was called in to bring order back to New Orleans in 2005 after Katrina spelled disaster and tens of thousand of people were left homeless.

Now, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, he is an analyst for network television and an adviser to leaders of cities and states coping with the devestation.

In September, General Honoré visited Utah for the Annual Convention of the Utah League of Cities and Towns. His message to municipal leaders was clear: Every city, every family and every individual needs to have an emergency plan.

Honoré asked the mayors, managers and department heads, “How many of you have an evacuation plan? How many of you have an evacuation kit? How many of you have cash in your evacuation kit.”


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