Supporting Employees in a Crisis – What Do We Do Now?

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asancartier2Ann SanCartier, Firestorm Expert Council Member and Employee Crisis Planning Expert, discusses ways organizations can meet the needs of victims and families.

Examples include having group debriefings, setting up a Family Assistance Center, and making emergency preparedness part of the company’s culture.
(This article is part of a larger paper with contributions from Firestorm Principals and Expert Council Members)

Firestorm© understands that “Every Crisis in a Human Crisis”.  For your employees, sympathetically (and empathetically) responding to a crisis event, while remaining in control of the situation, is extremely important.  It is equally important to thoroughly understand the short- and long-term emotional and physical impact a crisis event has directly on victims and their families, as well as indirectly on the uninjured members of the community.

At the onset of a crisis event, Leadership must remember to follow the same course of action as they advise to their employees. Following a crisis event:

  • As soon as possible, contact family and let them know your status. Connecting with a support system during a crisis can help reduce anxiety.
  • Assure that visitors, vendors and others that may be unfamiliar with your building or grounds are located and assisted as quickly as possible.
  • Encourage employees to put their Personal Preaction™ Plans in play. Take into consideration any instructions on evacuations, traffic routes and rerouting.
  • Encourage employees to …Read the rest of this article and paper
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