Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters Cause Businesses to Fail Every Day — Don’t Let Yours be the Next Victim

Only resilient businesses survive disasters. And, of all the disasters you have seen, the WORST will be the one that happens to YOUR company.

Business continuity planning identifies mission-critical business functions and enacts policies, processes and procedures to ensure the continuation of these functions during and after unforeseen incidents. Business continuity planning should be supported by Information Technology strategies and plans that meet the requirements of the business for critical technology dependencies.

Proper planning can keep a disruption from becoming a disaster. After all, the value of your company lies in its ability to continue to deliver critical products and services, and produce revenue.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Management and Planning

Firestorm utilizes its unique PREDICT. PLAN. PERFORM.® process in designing business continuity programs and IT Disaster Recovery strategies and plans tailored to each client’s individual situation, industry conditions and needs. An effective program will identify an organization’s vulnerabilities – existing and potential – and institute procedures to monitor, plan, mitigate and train for impacts in the event of a crisis.

Comprehensive Management and Planning Address these Critical Factors:

  • Business Assessment (Business Impact Analysis)– A clear overview of all business critical information and process flows, with identification of critical recovery time-frames.
  • In/Out/Across Analysis – Identifying critical dependencies to Information Technology, internal departments, external vendors, and key resources.
  • Risk Assessment – Defining the enterprise’s potential exposure and tolerance for uncertainty.
  • Enterprise-Wide Focus – A business continuity plan is NOT just an IT/network technology solution.
  • Actionable Plans – Guiding the step by step process of actions and responsibilities through the plan execution.
  • Training – Educating all employees about their roles and responsibilities, to the company and community.
  • Maintenance – Preparedness is an ongoing process of vigilance and adaptation as your business environment evolves.


Alignment & Roadmap to Standards (PS Prep, NFPA 1600, BS25999, ASIS SPC1)
Business Impact Analysis
Plan Audit/Review (Benchmark/Gap Analysis)
Program Self-Assessment
Program/Operational Review
Red Flag/Identity Protection
Site Assessment/Risk Assessment/Vulnerability Analysis


Business Continuity Plan
Continuity of Operations Plan
Communicable Illness Plan
Crisis Communications Plan
Crisis Management Plan
IT-Disaster Recovery Plan
Incident/Emergency Response Plan
Program Policy & Framework Design & Documentation
Strategy Development


Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America (Books & Training)
Executive Awareness
Maintenance to Existing Plans
Media and Communications Training
Retained Services
Test Exercise
Training & Awareness

Firestorm offers a free, one-hour consultation with a Firestorm Principal to discuss your organization’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Program needs.

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