Senior Security Expert Yftah Kaluski Joins Firestorm Expert Council

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Senior Security/Anti-Terrorism Strategist Yftah Kaluski Joins Firestorm Expert Council

Yftah KaluskiFirestorm is pleased to announce the addition of Senior Security Expert Yftah Kaluski to the Firestorm Expert Council.

“I was attracted to Firestorm for two key reasons,” said Mr. Kaluski; “First, ‘Every Crisis is a Human Crisis’.  When working with client companies to identify security and threat vulnerabilities, I have always looked at the people in the company as closely as facilities, technologies, processes and systems. Second, the Firestorm Expert Council is recognized worldwide for the depth of excellence and expertise of its members.”

About Yftah

Yftah Kaluski worked for Guardsmark LLC (Guardsmark is the fourth largest security company in the world), from 2001 until April 2013.  For the past four and a half years he served in the capacity of Vice President Regional Manager. As such he managed several regions and oversaw the servicing of a multitude of Fortune 500 Hundred companies. Prior to his most recent position, his responsibilities with Guardsmark included Manager in Charge of two of the company largest branches as well as National Account Manager of various Fortune 500 clients.

In 2007 and 2008, Mr. Kaluski headed Aviation Innovations International; a security consulting firm that specialized in providing international custom tailored solutions in the areas of regulatory compliance, anti-terrorism and anti-crime in some of the world’s most demanding markets.

From 1997 to 2001, Mr. Kaluski served as Director of Global Security for Tower Air and oversaw the airline’s security operations worldwide.  In addition to his role at Tower Air, Mr. Kaluski also served as a Core Team member of several FAA Security bodies that operated under the umbrella of the Security Equipment Integrated Product Team (SEIPT).  Aside from his core responsibilities, Yftah participated in the research, development and deployment of leading security systems and methods.

Mr. Kaluski has extensive experience in the areas of anti-terrorism as well as anti crime based on years of field experience world wide.  Mr. Kaluski brings with him well rounded security knowledge and perspective.  Having worked at the highest levels of both the proprietary and contract sides, Yftah is well versed in the operational intricacies of the security and safety markets.

Mr. Kaluski Graduated Summa Cum Laude from New York Institute of Technology where he earned his Masters degree in communications. Contact Yftah

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