RIMS 2016 San Diego – Go Beyond and Consider Crisis as a Peril™

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RIMSTVVideoThis year’s RIMS Conference theme – Go Beyond – is aptly named and Firestorm joins our friends at The Insurance Research Letter as we present a new, pivotal concept in risk management.

“Crisis as a Peril™ is a novel concept and goes beyond anything the industry has seen. This thought process has the potential to change how we look at and insure crisis.” – Alex Hodges

The biggest risk an organization faces is the unknown. The unknown is a demon that feeds on change. As the world around us changes, new and exciting opportunities are created, but so too are the vulnerabilities multiplied. What we “don’t know that we don’t know” grows every day.

Everyone recognizes that a crisis can cause damage to a business, a brand, and a company’s existence. Come learn what you can do about it at Firestorm RIMS booth #3259.

Also, pick up a printed copy of the April issue of The Insurance Research Letter featuring Firestorm Chairman and CEO Harry Rhulen writing about Crisis as a Peril™ .

If you are attending RIMS and would like to arrange a personal meeting with a Firestorm Senior Team Member, please contact us at [email protected].

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