Recorded Webcast – Grant Rampy on Crisis Communication

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Grant Rampy on Crisis Communication

Reacting to a Fast Unfolding Crisis with Transparency

As Director of Public Relations for Abilene Christian University, Firestorm Expert Council Member Grant Rampy shares his experience and response approach when the tragic news of a crash of a school-owned bus carrying 12 agricultural studies students, three faculty members and a faculty member’s wife occurred. The group was on their way from Abilene to Medina to spend the weekend doing mission work at a children’s home.
Authorities say the 34-year-old driver, faculty member Michael Nicodemus, lost control as the bus was entering a bend on U.S. 83 near Ballinger. The vehicle hit a concrete culvert and did a complete roll, ejecting some passengers. Anabel Reid, a student from Petersburg, was pronounced dead at the scene.
When a crisis is unfolding, the media has a huge role in telling the stories of crises. Transparency from those involved in crises is a must.  You need to tell your story; if you don’t someone is going to make one up and tell it for you.
When faced with a crisis situation in your business, there is a choice to be made: we can get all the facts out – the good, the bad and the ugly – and we can do so in a hurry, or we can try to shade the truth, hide the facts, and make the way toward finding them as murky as possible. We choose the former.
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