Putting on your Helmet Before Disaster Strikes March 29, 2PM EDT

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Putting on your Helmet Before Disaster Strikes

 By Kenneth O’Dell, S.E. M.ASCE, Principal, Firestorm MHP

With the onset of an early tornado season occurring near the one year anniversary of the great Tohoku Earthquake in northern Honshu, Japan, as well as one year after some of the most devastating tornado sequences in recent history, we were surprised to see that the state of Alabama and its residents were struggling with questions regarding “red tape” on the implementation of requirements for approving storm shelters.

Our surprise was further compounded by recent dialogue in Disaster Recovery Journal’s LinkedIn group questioning the applicability and timing of national adoption of the certification process under the PS-Prep program initiated following the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission.

These two sets of questions highlight a continuing disconnect between the need for personal preparedness and our personal reliance on support from outside agencies or parties.


“Putting on your Helmet Before Disaster Strikes” March 29, 2PM EDT

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Anecdotal stories of survival during disaster highlight the value of being prepared and taking often simple steps to protect ourselves. One such story tells of a mother who had the foresight to grab a bike helmet and put it on her son as the tornado siren sounded. The helmet was credited with helping the child survive when he was carried “across the street” by the twister.
While an incredibly remarkable example, it tells the story of someone taking simple actions in the midst of a disaster. How much more powerful could the story have been if this one individual’s personal “Culture of Preparedness” was pervasive throughout the community?

Even better, could the impact of the tornado have been lessened if more substantial preparations had taken place prior to, rather than in the midst of the event?

Join us on March 29 for a Firestorm webinar to discuss “Putting on your Helmet Before Disaster Strikes”.

Led by Kenneth O’Dell, S.E., Firestorm Principal and Partner with MHP, Inc. Structural Engineers, this discussion highlights the increasingly urgent need for us to take matters into our own hands to prepare our families, neighborhoods, and businesses for the eventuality of disaster striking close to “home”.




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