Patterson Releases New Book – Why Risk Management?

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Firestorm Expert Council Member Gary Patterson has released a new eBook titled “Why Risk Management?: Systems for Making Informed Financial Decisions” available for Kindle from Amazon here.

FiscalDocThink of this book as your tool for enterprise risk management (ERM) on a beer budget.  The systems presented by Gary Patterson, an experienced CFO, will help you understand the difference between the financial problems that do not get resolved and the symptoms that almost always get treated in companies.   Think of this book as getting a health check on your financial systems treat problems versus the symptoms.

Have you had experience with a health issue that has been ignored until it is too late?  This book by Gary Patterson, The Fiscal Doctor, is the answer for giving your organization a health check-up and accelerating your career.

Why Risk ManagementPut your risk management on steroids by creating complimentary processes of risk assessments, contingency planning, strategic planning scenarios, operational risk management (ORM), operational reviews or fiscal audits.

Executing these strategies and tactics will create clear understanding to uncover million-dollar blind spots in your company—and will dramatically accelerate correct business leadership decisions. This book helps career-motivated business executives unearth key risk areas and identify opportunities leading to sustainable growth, buzz-worthy customer value, and impressive profitability.

Gary Patterson has developed clever systems to:
•    Avoid costly problems
•    Increase profits
•    Uncover your million-dollar blind spots
•    Answer questions about why enterprise risk management is important to discovering pockets of hidden cash
•    Make faster business decisions

This book contains 125 questions to strengthen balance sheets and income statements, and illuminates key requirements for strategic plans to improve operations for your management team projects. Gary Patterson is a Firestorm Expert Council Member, Stanford MBA, CPA and popular speaker who has worked with over 200 companies and negotiated 25 merger & acquisition deals ranging from startups to Inc 500 to Fortune 500 companies.


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