National Security and Narco Tanks – Terrorism is Not Located Somewhere else – Analysis by Jim Satterfield

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National Security – Terrorism is Not Located Somewhere else


Mexican drug gangs building own tanks as war intensifies

Terrorism Summary: Mexico’s rival crime gangs are in an arms race, and the latest sign is the heavily armored vehicles they deploy to withstand fierce clashes with each other.

The Mexican army found two more “narco tanks” over the weekend in Tamaulipas state along the border with Texas. The two armored vehicles were cloaked in inch-thick steel plating.

Built on a three-axle truck bed with a heavily armored cabin, “You can easily fit 20 armed people in here,” an unidentified army officer told El Porvenir TV as he showed the inside of one of the vehicles. Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, two drug gangs, are locked in brutal warfare in Tamaulipas state for control of a key drug smuggling route into Texas.
Analysis by Jim Satterfield, Firestorm President/COO

Terrorism is not located somewhere else, thousands of miles and continents away. It is here in the U.S. and immediately on and across our border. Look at the formula: take the Mexican drug cartels, add millions of dollars and you have a driven, empowered, organized opponent with a clear objective with the means and desire to act.

Escalating Threats – What is the plan? Where are we?

All terrorism is aided by money and fear. The Mexican cartels have access to money and the ability to generate fear and terror quickly. For the last several years, Firestorm® and others have cited the horror stories and human impacts. The number of deaths (beheadings to instill fear) and kidnappings have escalated on both sides of the border.

The cash has enabled the cartels to bribe officials and appear above the law and the government. As referenced in this story, cash to purchase and build equipment and weapons. The story references two tanks that could hold 20 men — an intimidating force.

Threat is real to Your Business – What do we do?


  1. First, recognize that the threat is real.
  2. Identify the impacts to your organization.
  3. Develop a plan to mitigate and identify alternatives.
  4. Make sure others are aware and ask our government to take action.
  5. Don’t wait until it is up front and personal.

The first reaction that most have is this doesn’t affect me.; It is a problem in Mexico. It has no impact upon me or my family. You are wrong.

The impacts will escalate and you will experience disruption in your supply chain.

I have spoken with several companies that limit executive travel to Mexico, that have closed operations, that have had kidnappings, and that refuse profitable business in Mexico. How have these events impacted your company? Please share your stories and comments below.

There have been identified linkages and cooperation between terrorist groups and the drug cartels. The same channels into the U.S. are leveraged by these groups. Unfortunately, most of our actions have been reactions and limited measures to reduce the threat beforehand.

If you need assistance in identifying or managing these escalating threats, just call Firestorm.  (800) 321-2219

How have these events impacted your company? Please share your stories and comments below.

Video Reference from STRATFOR:


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