Learn How to Become a Top Talent

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Continuing education and training is a key aspect of developing a professional career. From tradesmen to doctors to educators, all professions require their practitioners remain current on the latest advancements, strategies, and technologies in the field. This standard holds true for those in the business continuity sector. Continuing your professional education as a BC professional will allow you to achieve new heights of resiliency within your organization. A great way to keep current with industry trends is by learning from peers.

The Continuity Insights Management Conference has developed a first-rate curriculum packed with meaningful sessions. These sessions will address the critical topics to assist all BC professionals in stretching their boundaries, forming collaborations, and acquiring first-hand information from subject matter experts, to name a few.

These sessions are led by proven business continuity leaders, strategists and practitioners, including our own Cheyene Marling (EVP of People Solutions and Program Analytics).

Are You a Top Talent?

In addition to keeping current with technological advances, a strong BC professional must also be in the know about the changing scene of the employment market – whether you are a job seeker or in a hiring role. With more than 20 years of executive recruitment experience, Cheyene Marling is the BC peer you need to know if your goal is to stay, become, or find a Top Talent in the business continuity field.

A long list of certification acronyms after your last name and years of business continuity/ resiliency expertise does not translate into being a Top Talent. A Top Talent professional possesses the sought after soft skills and cognitive ability that can elevate the program, the team and the organization.

The hard skills required to be successful in a role may vary on the level and between different organizations, but the soft skills are universal and do impact your career trajectory. In her session at the Continuity Insights Management Conference, Be a Top Talent, Cheyene will discuss soft skills to better position career growth at any stage. She will also review the outlook on tomorrow’s employment market and the many ways a job seeker may demonstrate value by articulating the company’s product and mission outside of an organization.

Are you ready to become a Top Talent?

Shhh…It’s a Secret!Cheyene Marling EVP Firestorm

We plan on being full of surprises at this year’s Continuity Insights Management Conference; find Cheyene at booth 103 to learn more.

Join us in Miami April 23-24 to further your career as a business continuity professional!

About the conference:

Continuity Insights Management Conference comprises three days of comprehensive educational programming, numerous networking functions, a review of the latest technologies and practices, additional certification, pre- and post-conference workshops, and much more, offering unmatched opportunities to learn from and network with those responsible for the integrity, availability, resilience, and security of their organizations.

The Continuity Insights Management Conference provides essential tools business continuity professionals need to turn their operation into a front-line resilient environment. It features the deepest, most advanced-level educational program available at any industry event for experienced business continuity professionals.

About Cheyene Marling, Executive Vice President, People Solutions & Program Analytics, Firestorm

Cheyene Marling, Hon. MBCI, Firestorm Executive Vice President of People Solutions and Program Analytics, has been an executive recruiter for more than 22 years, with 20 of those years specializing in the business continuity field. Cheyene founded BC Management, Inc., and in January 2018, BC Management became a part of Firestorm, a Novume (NASDAQ: NVMM) company. Cheyene has worked with and placed professionals at all levels, from programmers and accountants to professors and experts in business continuity.

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