Is Your Supply Chain Sustainable?

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Supplychain23Firestorm has joined forces with the University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies to present a webinar on Supply Chain Risk & Opportunities: Are You Facing Today’s Battles with Yesterday’s Thinking?

The webinar is presented by Firestorm EVP, Wally Buran. 

Almost two thirds of companies only pay “marginal attention” to supply chain risk reduction. That’s according to an MIT survey. Is your supply chain sustainable?

Five questions you need to ask yourself:
1.    Who is watching the store? Who in your company is monitoring and examining your supply chain?

2.    How are you guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of your supply chain?

3.    Is there continuous inspection and monitoring of your supply chain?

4.    Have you checked out your supply chain’s supply chain?

5.    How much would a supply chain disruption cause you?

Learn more about how to protect your company through Firestorm’s webinar and white papers listed on our website. 

The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies offers training in a broad range of specialty areas: Education, Health and Human Services, Human Resources, Management, Real Estate and much more.  To learn more about their programs, please view their video introduction here.

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