Hurricane Matthew – a Firestorm Team Pictorial

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If your ability to run your business has been effected by Hurricane Matthew, please reach out to Firestorm at 770.643.1114. We can help with strategies for moving through this crisis and in preparation for the next.

Updates from the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its partners:

FEMA and its partners continue to mobilize additional resources and personnel to support state and local efforts as record rains and flooding remains a significant concern for public safety.  Local and federal officials are also working to clear debris from major roads, ensure coastal ports are safe to re-open and support efforts to restore power in affected areas.

At the direction of President Obama, FEMA is leading the federal government’s efforts to provide assistance and support in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Recovery efforts are under way in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina and response efforts continue in North Carolina, including thousands of water rescues supported by federal responders and assets in the state.

There are more than 800 FEMA personnel on the ground supporting response and recovery efforts including Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) teams; and seven Incident Management Assistance Teams (IMATs). There are three active Urban Search & Rescue teams with seven additional teams on standby, if needed. To date, USAR teams have conducted 75 rescues.

FEMA is transporting prepositioned commodities to affected areas as requests are submitted. More than 5.2 million meals, 3.7 million liters of water, and 72,000 blankets for state, were made available for state, tribal and local officials to distribute to individuals should they be requested by states. Thus far, states have received the following commodities:

  • Florida: More than 3 million meals; 800,000 million liters of water;
  • Georgia: More than 580,000 meals, 649,000 liters of water; 17,200 blankets;
  • North Carolina: More than 1.39 million meals; 1.85 million liters of water; 49,000 blankets;
  • South Carolina: More than 267,000 meals; 400,000 liters of water; 4,400 blankets.

For additional information, visit the FEMA Hurricane Matthew web page:

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