HR -The Voice of Awareness: A Video Interview with Jim Satterfield

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Firestorm President/CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Satterfield, was interviewed by the University of Alabama’s College of Continuing Studies. Jim’s topic of discussion focused on HR awareness in the workplace.

HR – The Voice of Awareness

The Human Resources department must be the voice of awareness within a company. Prior to a violent event, the department must train employees how to recognize behaviors of concern and how to report behaviors once identified. To recognize and organize behaviors of concern, Firestorm recommends a form of anonymous reporting in addition to a central repository, both of which are key components of BeRThA®.

BeRThA®  (Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment) includes:

Awareness – Educating everyone in the organization on not only what constitutes a “threat,” but also what constitutes “behaviors of concern.”

Reporting – Providing everyone with a means to report what they see or hear, including through an anonymous reporting tool (text, mobile app, voice call, web form).

Central Repository – All behaviors and threats are not equal, but each represents a data point: a dot that, if connected to other dots, presents a picture of someone who may be on a path to violence. It is important that all reports be aggregated in a central repository so that those charged with responding, investigating and analyzing the seriousness of a situation have a means of gathering all available information about a subject.

Download our infographic: How to Spot the Warning Signs – Connecting the Dots to learn more about the process of reporting concerns.

Within the video, Jim also discusses the term PICNIC – Problem in Chair, Not in Computer. Every crisis is a human crisis, including cyber crises. A common mistake that occurs within the workplace involves employees clicking on a link, downloading a paper or visiting a site they should not have – resulting in a security breach. Employees need to be trained to recognize phishing scams and other forms of online threats.

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Watch the video interview below, or check out the University of Alabama’s College of Continuing Studies here.

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