How many days does it take to resume business?

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There’s been a cold snap across the country, and failure to plan for an emergency can leave you out in the cold, too.

A business resumption plan, or BRP, is necessary for any company to get back to business after an emergency. Everything essential to a company’s continued operation is detailed in it.

The business resumption plan addresses restoration of business after an emergency. Different from a disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan, the BRP does not contain continuity procedures used during an emergency; instead it focuses on preventative measures and post-event activities.

In a 2016 study by BC Management (now part of Firestorm Analytical Solutions), on average, respondents noted a total of 25.5 calendar days (or 612 hours) in business resumption mode.

Downtime calendar days

You can view a sample of the 2016 report here, and participate in an upcoming study by visiting the 7th Edition Event Impact Management Study. All study participants will receive a no-fee, complimentary copy of the report.

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