How are you attracting the right talent? 16th Annual Compensation Study Now Open to Participants

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Since 2001, Cheyene Marling, Firestorm EVP of People Solutions and Program Analytics, has gathered data on business continuity management programs and compensations to provide professionals with the information they need to elevate their programs. Each year, Cheyene and her team strive to improve upon study questions, distribution of the study and reporting of the data collected.

Now in its 16th year, the BCM Compensation Study is globally recognized as the premier compensation assessment for Business Continuity and Resiliency professionals.

The study assesses participant’s earning potential by years of experience, degree, years of management and leadership expertise, geography and certification, among other criteria. The 16th annual study is now open to professionals. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the report.

Permanently Employed or Unemployed Professionals

Independent Consultants/Contractors

Collected and presented in the 15th annual study (published last year) was the average total compensation by discipline. The graph (FTE Average Total Compensation by Discipline Experience – USA) highlights the average total compensation for those who indicated each discipline category, as well as the percent of study respondents who indicated expertise in each discipline. For example, 39% of the study respondents noted audit expertise with an average total compensation of $138,625.

Compensation by discipline derived from the 15th Annual Compensation Study

Chart 1

Following the average compensation results, the report reveals data findings based upon years of discipline experience. The graph, Total Compensation by Years of Asset Protection Experience, is one of more than 30 unique professions analyzed in the study.

Compensation by yeras of asset protection experience derived from 15th Annual Compensation Study

Chart 2

The average total compensation by each individual discipline (listed on the left-hand side of chart 1) is assessed in the report. The findings also cover average total compensation by years of audit expertise to health and safety, as well as high availability to risk management.

Regardless of discipline expertise, data findings overall mirrored trends from previous years. In many of the data charts, there is a gradual increase in average total compensation up to the 21-25 years’ experience group and then a decline for respondents in the 26+ years’ category.

Participate in the 16th Annual Compensation Study and Receive a Complimentary Report

We are currently collecting data for this year’s edition. Professionals have until March 26th to participate in the study and will receive a complimentary report highlighting findings. Professionals who are employed, unemployed, independent consultants, and contractors are encouraged to participate.

Permanently Employed or Unemployed Professionals – Participate in Study

Independent Consultants/ Contractors – Participate in Study

Why Participate?

  • Only study participants will receive a complimentary copy of the study findings.
  • Study questions and assessment of data is completed by Cheyene, the International Benchmarking Advisory Board and Firestorm.
  • The response is immense, driven by the value the results provide.
  • The scope is world-wide, due to extensive contacts and partnerships.
  • The company is independent, as we are a neutral party on the results.
  • Completely confidential – Your individual contact and company information is never shared outside of Firestorm.

Thank you in advance for participating, we look forward to sharing your results!

Contact Cheyene Marling for additional information on your copy of the 15th Annual Study, or to participate in this year’s 16th Annual Compensation Study.

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