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Firestorm founders, Harry Rhulen (Novume President) and Jim Satterfield (Firestorm CEO) were selected as featured authors for the May edition of the Insurance Research Letter. In their article, they share the formula to prevent school and workplace violence.  Below is an excerpt from the article, click here to read in full. To view the entire issue, register on the IRL website.IRL Cover May 2018

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida has reinvigorated the discussion of how to keep our schools and students safe. The unfortunate reality is that Parkland will fade considering the dozens of other school shootings and workplace shootings that take place annually.

The violence solution is behavior, not guns. The solution can be found in understanding behavior, not adding modalities to limit casualties. When asked, every school and company states, “we have something.” Something is not enough. Banning certain types of firearms, arming teachers, or active shooter training is something – and if properly implemented, may reduce the number of deaths – but it is not a total solution.

Without a total solution, the frequency of these events will continue to increase. We must respond when behavioral warning signs first arise, before the violent act occurs. Without this change, we will continue to see more school and workplace violence with loss of life. No one wants to call a family and share that their loved one is not coming home from school or work today.

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Join Firestorm Chief Security Officer, Jason Russell, for a special May webinar session: Why would you wait for the weapon to arrive? Planning for and responding to violence.

Business-focused session: May 17th from 12-12:45 p.m. ET

School-focused session: May 21st from 12-12:45 p.m. ET

Description of sessions:

A weapon. A crime scene. The loss of a loved one.

What image appeared in your head?

Workplace. Violence.

These are two words you never want associated when referencing your organization. But they are connected too often with real world events. We’ve witnessed episodes of violence in schools, churches, factories, office buildings and restaurants; no organization is immune. Are you prepared to respond to an incident of workplace violence?

Last month in part one of this two-part series, Firestorm experts discussed BeRThA®, a program that prevents a weapon from entering the door by identifying behaviors of concern before an incident of violence.

But what happens when violence does strike? You must act. Does your organization have a workplace violence program that incorporates a complete shut-down after an incidence of violence occurs? Incidences of mass violence, even if unrelated to your specific location, can close your facility, business or campus for weeks.

Why are we waiting for the weapon to arrive? The time to plan is now – not when you have to make a call to someone stating their loved one will not be returning home. Let’s prevent and plan before violence. This month, Firestorm Chief Security Officer and former Secret Service Agent, Jason Russell, walk attendees through preparedness best practices and action steps to take when violence enters your door.

Join us and learn if you have created a safe and secure workplace environment – are you really prepared?

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