Firestorm Principal Pays it Forward as a Mentor for the Food+City Challenge Prize

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Firestorm Principal Pays it Forward as a Mentor for the Food+City Challenge Prize

Missan Eido

Missan Eido, Firestorm Principal, Austin, TX

We are delighted to share the news of a Firestorm Principal actively engaging in their local community. Missan Eido, a Firestorm Principal based out of Austin, TX, is one of 18 professional mentors for the Food+City (F+C) Challenge Prize.

The F+C Challenge Prize is an international competition among business start-ups encouraging innovation in the urban food system. Entrepreneurs from around the globe who are innovating within the food supply chain are encouraged to compete in the competition. Finalists are given a professional mentor for 12 weeks to prepare for Showcase Day. On the final day of the competition, finalists will present their startups in front of a panel of judges and attendees. Competition participants compete for $50,000 to kickstart their businesses and improve how we feed cities.

Missan’s involvement with the F+C Challenge began in July of 2016 when he connected with Jen Heitler, Program Director for Food+City. Since then, Missan and Jen have discussed the F+C mission related to the work of Firestorm and the risks to food and water availability during major crises. Jen shared that “Food safety is at the core of a sustainable food ecosystem and the Food+City mission. Firestorm’s work with food service providers arms them with the tools to prevent and prepare for potential risk, which makes the urban food system safer. We’re lucky to have Missan as a mentor to instill these lessons early in the entrepreneur’s journey.”

Recently, I had the opportunity to learn more about Missan’s involvement with the organization.

 Question: How were you selected as a mentor for the F+C Challenge Prize?

 Missan: Jen was seeking mentors with specific work experience to pair with matching competitors’ needs.

 Question: How do you plan to help your mentee during the 12 weeks of instruction?

 Missan: I plan to review and assist in editing my mentee’s business plan, presentation and the value proposition.. Mentors also propose ideas around the scope and business application from an outsider perspective. Mentors validate the value proposition and challenge the business assumption when needed. Additionally, we provide relevant networking connections.

 Question: What do you hope your mentee learns in the weeks of instruction? Do you expect to learn from your mentee in that time?

 Missan: I hope my mentee learns to refine the enterprise value proposition from an external point-of-view and that I’m able to prepare them for any and all potential risks.

I am looking forward to learning about the business and technology involved from a well-educated, young entrepreneur.

 Question: How would you recommend others become involved in community programs such as the F+C Challenge?Food and City Logo

 Missan: There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities. It boils down to doing something different for fun that can actually help a new business.

 Question: Are you involved with any other community service or leadership organizations?

 Missan: I am involved with the University of Texas Supply Chain Consortium and the local CPA chapter.

 Question: How does being a F+C Challenge mentor strengthen your role as a professional and a Firestorm Principal?

 Missan: Helping others with time and thought strengthens my professional career. In addition, being a mentor helps build relationships, meet other professionals and encourages me learn to more about the people making a difference in my community.

Congratulations on becoming a mentor for the F+C Challenge, Missan! The Firestorm team wishes you luck in your first mentoring experience with the organization.

Food+City – A Catalyst for Supply Chain Innovation

The Food+City Challenge Prize is the only international startup competition dedicated to innovation in the food supply chain. Food+City is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects entrepreneurs to the people and funding that can take their businesses to the next level. Learn more at Follow and like them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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