Firestorm Featured on Cover of The Letter from ISN

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Firestorm is delighted to be featured on the cover of the July issue of the Insurance Research Letter (The Letter℠). The Letter contains a full feature article by Jim Satterfield, detailing his experiences on the ground in response to the Virginia Tech Shootings of 2007. We will further provide The Letter with a monthly article related to Crisis and Consequence Management.

ISN compiles insurance and compliance information for international insurance professionals around the world.

Subscribers to ISN services receive free advice and direction as needed. ISN matches subscribing clients with local practitioners should the need arise.

The international insurance business can be complicated and often hidden out of sight for the unwary are many pitfalls and distractions to getting the job done efficiently, cost effectively and with confidence.

IRLArticleThe ISN team has many decades of experience working on international business all over the world. With broker, underwriter and risk manager relationships on every continent and in many countries, ISN can be relied upon to find answers to questions and provide advice.

To support their objective of being a consultative resource, ISN publishes The Insurance Research Letter (The Letter℠) – a monthly journal that keeps international insurance professionals up to date with reporting on local market developments around the world.

ISN also publishes the highly regarded ISN Country Insurance Guides, which provide detailed reports concerning local insurance requirements, compulsory coverages, legislation, supervision, non-admitted insurance, major types of policies by class and more. Learn more here


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