Firestorm COO on Active Shooter: Preparing for the worst day of your life

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Firestorm COO Hart Brown appears in an article by Paul K. Harral ([email protected]) for the Fort Worth Business Press on Active Shooter events, insurance, and spotting behaviors of concern before an event.

“From a social perspective, we’re lowering the barrier for people to actually conduct these acts, which is why we’re seeing more and more, but the responsibility for those of you in the room is increasing at the same time,” Brown said. His Roswell, Georgia-based company provides risk management services and in his more than 20 years in both the public and private sectors he’s dealt with “about a dozen active shooting events.”

You’ve read or heard the stories behind many of the nation’s mass killers: All of us were surprised. He seemed like a nice guy. He was quiet and kept to himself. He just snapped.

That’s a myth, Hart S. Brown, the executive vice president and COO of Firestorm Solutions told a crowded room at a program on active shooters sponsored by Wortham Insurance Nov. 14 at River Crest Country Club.

“There are behavioral indicators that something is wrong before the individual takes action,” Brown said. “There may have been a final straw that caused the person to take action, but they’d been thinking about this for a while.

Beyond the human tragedy, there are implications for both insurance companies and businesses with the increasing frequency of mass shootings in the United States.

The program had been planned for months, Wortham officials said. It was just coincidence that it took place 10 days after the worst mass shooting in Texas history and the morning of the next one – in Rancho Tehama, California, that left six dead including the shooter who was killed by police and nine injured, seven of them children. Read this article in full on the Fort Worth Business Press.


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