Firestorm Co-Founder on Private Business & Active Shooter Protocols

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Harry Rhulen, Novume President and Co-founder of crisis management firm Firestorm, a Novume company, is a featured expert in Business Insurance magazine on the subject of private business and active shooter protocols.

In addition to his M&A expertise, Mr Rhulen is a nationally recognized expert in violence prevention, planning, and training.

Novume President Harry Rhulen discussed how private business can add resources to Active Shooter response protocols.

“Still more such resources are under development for both the educational and private sectors.

The University of Alabama has partnered with Roswell, Georgia-based crisis management firm Firestorm Solutions, LLC to compile training materials for state schools, which can then be more widely distributed to businesses, said Harry Rhulen, Denver-based president of Novume Solutions Inc. and founder of Firestorm, which was acquired by Novume predecessor KeyStone Solutions, Chantilly, Virginia, in January of 2017.”

Look for more information on this joint initiative between The University of Alabama and Firestorm in October on the Firestorm website.

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