Firestorm Adding Artificial Intelligence to Advance Its Premier School Violence Prevention Program – Press Release

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ROSWELL, GA / April 16, 2018 / Firestorm Solutions, LLC, (Firestorm®) a leading crisis and risk management firm and America’s Crisis Coach® announced today the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into its already successful school violence prevention program to support insurance and reinsurance programs to reduce frequency and severity of violence events.

“Firestorm continues to lead in the areas of crisis and risk management for our insurance partners and is thrilled now to include AI,” said Hart Brown, Firestorm COO. “Adding AI into the Firestorm school programs completely changes the paradigm of how to view violence prevention. AI gives us important insights before someone reaches the point of violence. It will also mark the first time that AI is part of the Firestorm First Look™ methodology available to everyone striving to act to prevent these tragic events.”

Firestorm AI leverages reasoning technology to evaluate data using attributes such as links and keywords. Firestorm AI links and traces data to obtain the root origin state, allowing a level of machine intelligence beyond clustering. This capability fosters faster machine learning and powers unsupervised learning, producing more accurate results and decisions enabling complex adjustments to such cultural perceptions in real time.

These results provide critical decision support for pricing, underwriting, risk management, and claims functions. Firestorm AI specializes in causal reasoning via context. This focus empowers real time decision capability. Firestorm AI is designed to enhance current Firestorm insurance services by offering clients decision solutions through Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS).

James W. Satterfield, Firestorm CEO/President said, “The rate of change in today’s technologically advanced world is so fast, that any insurer not looking at how AI affects their competitive landscape, is falling behind. We are excited to incorporate AIaaS, but most importantly into the Firestorm Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment Program (BeRThA®) to prevent and confront school violence, one of the most difficult challenges of our time.”

Firestorm AI categorizes and screens for violence with millions of decision-making rules second. The current Firestorm application separates, contextually, content to segregate potential violence identification for other emotions and actions. This initial analysis focused on social media and other public sources of communications from prior mass shooters compared to organized social activists to identify clear casual vectors of violence.

By embedding AI into the Firestorm BeRThA school violence prevention program, it can deliver new insights on the early identification of behaviors of concern in the support of children, schools, parents, teachers, administrators, communities and government agencies to prevent violence. The result can be the real-time identification, intervention, and management of behaviors of concern before they escalate into violence.

About Firestorm

Firestorm Solutions, a Novume™ Solutions subsidiary, is a leading crisis and risk management firm and America’s Crisis Coach®. Since 2005, Firestorm has assisted clients in transforming crisis into value by responding to some of the largest and most complex crisis events as well as combining best-practice consulting with proven crisis management expertise.

Firestorm empowers clients to manage crisis and risk through assessments, audits, program development, insurance partnerships, training and advisory services using the Firestorm Predict.Plan.Perform.® methodology.

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