Disaster Recovery Preparedness: Are You Ready?

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Only resilient businesses survive disasters. And, of all the disasters you have seen, the WORST will be the one that happens to YOUR company.

Business continuity planning identifies mission-critical business functions and enacts policies, processes and procedures to ensure the continuation of these functions during and after unforeseen incidents. Business continuity planning should be supported by Information Technology strategies and plans that meet the requirements of the business for critical technology dependencies.

Proper planning can keep a disruption from becoming a disaster. After all, the value of your company lies in its ability to continue to deliver critical products and services, and produce revenue.

The infograph below, sponsored by CommVault, identifies the failures of disaster recovery preparedness. The graph explains 60 percent of survey respondents say their disaster recovery planning and testing did not prove useful in their worst event. In order to survive a crisis, you must be prepared.

Using the PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology, Firestorm enables businesses, schools and other organizations to build a resilient preparedness program.







Infograph originally posted on expedient, sponsored by CommVault

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