2017 Indicated an Increase in the Activation of Crisis Management Plans

Program Updated Firestorm CEIM Study

In 2017, we witnessed dramatic natural events unfold, such as the flooding from Typhoon Hato and Hurricane…

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Community Impacts of the “Great Jobs Collision”

Reposted with permission by: Dr. John Plodinec of CARRI I am a regular reader of John Mauldin’s…

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We Must Act – Active Shooter Injures Two Classmates at Maryland High School

Less than five weeks after the tragedy that unfolded in Parkland, Florida, another school deployed their active…

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Crisis Communications: Assuming

Recently, I posted about context and clarity in communication. As I was reading The Admirals (an excellent…

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Firestorm Chief Security Officer Discusses How to Prevent Incidents of Violence

Firestorm CSO Speaks to WoodTV

Following the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Firestorm CSO, Jason Russell, spoke with media channels to…

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Crisis Communications: Context and Clarity

I recently saw, on social media, a political cartoon from 1941 with a question from the person…

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Four Barriers to Physical Security

Broken chain

Organizations must include in planning, the risk of a targeted violence event occurring on or around their…

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People Solutions #TopJobs for January 31st

Firestorm People Solutions Secondary Image

Firestorm EVP of People Solutions and Program Analytics, Cheyene Marling, has spent more than 22 years as…

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When “Kids will be Kids” is a Felony

Sexting Crisis in Schools

Late last year, NBC News ran an article, A Teen Sexting Case Revealed How Judges Let Police…

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