When Everything is Going Well – The Duty of a Leader by Guy Higgins

As I was doing a little research for one of my posts, I came across an aviation…

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Anticipating Workplace Violence at Termination

Every year, millions of American workers report having been victims of workplace violence. According to the U.S….

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Crisis Stress: Part 3 – Psychological and Cognitive Effects

Emergency Room sign

In the first two parts of this essay series (Crisis Stress: Part 1 – How and Why…

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INFOGRAPHIC: Natural Disaster Preparedness – Earthquakes

Firestorm, Crisis Management

UPDATED 08/22/2018: Nearly 70 Massive Earthquakes Hit the Pacific’s Ring of Fire in 48 hours Sixty-nine earthquakes,…

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Jim Satterfield Interviewed on CBS46: Artificial Intelligence Used to Ward off School Attacks

Although the summer season doesn’t conclude until mid-September, summer vacation is coming to an end for teachers,…

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OSU vs. Urban Meyer vs. The Law

Firestorm encourages thought leadership across a variety of industries. We are pleased to share insights from guest…

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Five Aphorisms, and an Afterword – Community Resilience

flooding 1

Reposted with permission of Dr. John Plodinec, Community and Regional  Resilience Institute Five years after Hurricane Katrina,…

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How Corporate Culture Contributes to Corporate Success

business professional interview at laptop

I recently read an article in IndustryWeek titled, “You Have the Wrong Idea about Corporate Culture.” The…

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