How to Handle the Media Following a Crisis

Jim Satterfield Church Mutual Bertha Video

Last week we discussed how to communicate to key stakeholders during a crisis and the importance of…

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Fire and Other Mundane Crises – A Lesson Against Complacency

Firestorm encourages thought leadership across a variety of industries. We are pleased to share insights from guest…

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It’s not a Crisis until it’s a Crisis – Nike Just Does It (for now)

The recent buzz around the Nike brand and its decision to make Colin Kaepernick the face of…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Crisis Communication – With Jim Satterfield

Social media applications on a smartphone

A communication plan is absolutely critical in a crisis environment. During a crisis or disaster, the decisions…

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Small Failures Result in Big Crises – Insights by Guy Higgins

Airplane flying above city

I recently read a post by Dr. Bob Chandler about an airline crash that killed 71 people…

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Crisis Stress: Part 4 – Concentration, Memory, and Focus

In the first three parts of this short four-part essay series, I briefly summarized some of the…

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When Everything is Going Well – The Duty of a Leader by Guy Higgins

As I was doing a little research for one of my posts, I came across an aviation…

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