Are you Smarter than a Contingency Planner?

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True or False: The Equator passes through the southern tip of North America? (Answer: False). If you answered correctly, you may pass a third grade Geography test. If you answer the next question, without the help of Google, you’ve graduated to fifth grade:

Professionals at Continuity Insights Management Conference

Image: Are You Smarter than a Contingency Planner at 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference

Who immediately followed Abraham Lincoln as U.S. President? (Answer: Andrew Johnson, 1865-1869)

These were a few of the questions asked during a 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference (CIMC) session. In addition to questions from grade school courses, participants were quizzed on Business Continuity industry facts that included:

  • What was the name of the Federal Building destroyed in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing? (Answer: Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building)
  • What is the meaning of the following abbreviation: BIA (Business Impact Analysis)
  • Who is the current secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security? (Answer: Kristjen M. Nielsen)
  • What is the meaning of the following abbreviation: ISP (Answer: Internet Service Providers)

Are You Smarter than a Contingency Planner’ gathered Business Continuity pros for a 6-round game based upon the television show, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Cheyene Marling (EVP of Firestorm People Solutions and Program Analytics) was one of the participants of the session. Cheyene was recruited by the founder of the conference, Robert Nakao, and participated in the final round of the game. Competitors included representatives from BC in the Cloud, Continuity Logic, and Fairchild Consulting, among others.

The session included more than 40 questions covering a variety of topics ranging from math, to grammar, to BC acronyms and disaster history.

Understanding the business continuity sector is vital to be a well-rounded professional. A great way to learn and network is by attending conferences like CIMC and sessions similar to Are You Smarter than a Contingency Planner. Another way to stay in the know about industry trends and standards is by participating in research studies. Since 2001, BC Management, Inc., now Firestorm, has been gathering data on business continuity management programs and compensations to provide professionals with the information they need to elevate their programs. Each year, we strive to improve upon the study questions, distribution of the study, and the reporting of the data collected.

Cheyene has spent nearly two decades creating these global research opportunities for professionals in the BCM field. We conduct multiple studies and release corresponding reports annually. Business continuity professionals who participate in a studies will receive a complimentary report. Learn more about the studies here.

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Study Open for Participation: IT Resiliency Study (May 25th Deadline)Firestorm Analytical Solutions 2018 IT Resiliency cover

Our IT Resiliency Planning Assessment study will reveal how organizations approach their IT/DR/Resiliency program. It will also review current trends in IT Resiliency Planning and how the most mature programs are achieving success. As a leader in business continuity management research, we would like to invite you to participate in the study. The study is currently open for participants until May 25, 2018 and takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Only study participants will receive our complimentary report – an aggregate report highlighting the data findings, which includes an assessment from our International Benchmarking Advisory Board.

Participate in the study

Who should participate?

  • Participants must be involved/ responsible for IT/ Disaster Recovery/ Resiliency Planning.
    Study accommodates planners to global manager.
    Study doesn’t accommodate professionals who provide consulting services.

Why participate?

  • Only study participants will receive a complimentary copy of the study findings.
  • Study questions and assessment of data is completed by our International Benchmarking Advisory Board.
  • Firestorm Program Analytics (previously BC Management) has been conducting BCM data metrics research/ assessments since 2001.
  • The response is immense, driven by the value the results provide.
  • The scope is world-wide, due to our extensive contacts and partnerships.
  • The company is independent, as we are a neutral party on the results.
  • Completely confidential – Only your email address will be kept on file for report distribution & future study notifications, unless you opt-in to have your information kept on file with Firestorm. Your individual contact and company information is never shared outside of Firestorm.

Cyber breaches occur, and often. While they can’t be scheduled, they can be predicted and planned. Not sure where to start when creating your own plan? Contact Firestorm and we will guide you through a series of questions to identify which route your organization should take.

Recently Released Study: 16th Annual Business Continuity Compensation Report

Our 16th Annual Business Continuity Compensation Report is based upon the information provided by more than 900 study participants. The study was open from February 2018 through March 30, 2018 and included participants in forty different countries. The final report highlights the findings in profession compensation factor areas including:

  • Title and pay by genderCompensation by gender
  • Average total compensation
  • Discipline experience
  • Total work experience
  • Industry experience
  • Previous career experience
  • Degree
  • Educational Institutions
  • Certifications
  • Management experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Location
  • Bonus
  • Credentials leading to best hire

The Compensation Study can be used by employers to gauge where an organization’s compensation packages stack up in the industry, while job seekers can utilize the study to compare job and compensation offers. Please contact us to obtain your copy of the report.

Quality and depth of data is essential in understanding how best to stay on the leading edge, manage business, and become more competitive. Opt in to be notified of future studies and reports that include:

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