5 ZIKA Cases Confirmed to be Connected to Miami Beach Area

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MIAMI, Fla. – Today, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that the Florida Department of Health (DOH) has learned through one of their investigations that five individuals that have already been confirmed as cases of local transmissions of Zika are connected to the Miami Beach area. DOH believes that active transmission of this virus are only occurring in the area of Miami Beach between 8th and 28th streets (see map below). This is the second area that has been identified as a location where local transmission is occurring and is just under 1.5 square miles. After aggressive testing in the Wynwood area, today DOH is able to clear three additional blocks of the Northeastern area of Wynwood because there is no continued evidence of active transmission (see map below). This is in addition to the 14 blocks DOH has already been able to clear in Wynwood. The total number of local transmissions of Zika in Florida is 36.

Governor Rick Scott said,

“Today, the Florida Department of Health has confirmed a second location in Miami-Dade County where it is believed active Zika transmission is occurring”

“This location is a very small area that is less than 1.5 square miles in Miami Beach. While we are adding a second location, DOH is also able to continue reducing the zone in Wynwood. The ability to continue reducing that area where we believe local transmission is occurring shows that our efforts to aggressively spray for mosquitoes and educate the public are working.

“Following today’s news, I am asking the CDC for an additional 5,000 Zika antibody test kits to ensure we can quickly test people for the virus and additional lab support personnel to help us expedite Zika testing. Also, to continue protecting pregnant women, I am renewing my call to the Obama Administration for an additional 10,000 Zika prevention kits. Additionally, we still need a detailed plan on how they would like us to work with FEMA now that this has become mosquito-borne in our state.

“Just like when we learned of transmission in Wynwood, the county has already begun an aggressive mosquito eradication plan that includes additional spraying in Miami Beach. I also directed the Department of Health to contract with private mosquito control companies to assist the county in this effort. We will continue to work with the county’s mosquito control district and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to ensure we are utilizing all resources for mosquito abatement. The Department of Health will also be doing extensive and strategic testing to identify any other people who may have contracted the Zika virus.

ZIKA Basics from the CDC

“Tourism is a driving force of our economy and this industry has the full support of our state in the fight against the Zika virus. Yesterday, I directed the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to work closely with hotels, attractions and restaurants in Miami-Dade County to connect them with resources for Zika prevention and education. To assist in this effort, I have also directed DOH to work with DBPR to provide educational materials and offer mosquito spraying at no cost to these businesses. Our Department of Economic Opportunity has been working with businesses in Wynwood that may have been impacted to ensure they have everything they need to remain successful and they will immediately begin this process in the new identified area in Miami Beach.

“In Florida, we know how to prepare. We prepare for storms every summer and we have prepared for Zika since our first travel-related case in February. We have already authorized over $26 million in state funds and we will continue to allocate whatever is needed. We are making every resource available to ensure Miami, and our entire state, remains safe for every family and visitor.”

Following today’s news, Governor Scott is asking the CDC for the following:

  • An additional 5,000 Zika anti body test kits. This will ensure the state can quickly test people for the virus;
  • Additional lab support personnel to help the state expedite Zika testing;
  • An additional 10,000 Zika prevention kits. These are essential for pregnant women. Governor Scott has repeatedly called on the federal government for these additional kits and to date, the state has not received additional resources for them; and
  • A detailed plan from the Obama Administration on how they would like Florida to work with FEMA on how federal resources will be allocated to states now that this has become mosquito-borne in Florida. Governor Scott initially asked for this on June 1st and requested it by June 15th. The state still has not received it and Governor Scott has repeatedly called on the President for this.

Any Miami-Dade County resident who would like to request mosquito control services for their residence or business should contact Miami-Dade Mosquito Control HERE.

Click HERE to see a detailed timeline of actions taken by Governor Scott to combat the Zika virus in Florida.

Miami Beach area


Wynwood area

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