Firestorm Professional Services Exercise DescriptionsMany plans Firestorm reviews are out-of-date and not actionable. We work with clients to utilize the best analytics available and align programs with resources, insurance, external support, and best practices before the next crisis.

The Firestorm Professional Services Solutions can be applied to:

  • Program structure and development
  • Conducting gap analysis
  • Custom plan development
  • Development of internal tools and templates
  • Plan and team exercises

Firestorm Cyber Risk Management

Firestorm offers tailored cyber resilience services to clients. These are designed to assist clients in the ability to heighten cyber resilience through the identification, compliance, mitigation, detection and response from risks, threats, attacks and breaches to minimize technology failures, customer harm, reputational damage and financial loss. These include:

  • Cyber Education
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Cyber Risk Transfer
  • Cyber Response
  • Cyber Security

Exercise Program

Firestorm exercises are designed to improve response capabilities within the organization through dynamic simulation. Exercises are created using actual information from similar events as a means to increase engagement and allow for a greater degree of evaluation. Firestorm responds to crisis events on a daily basis, allowing significant insight to real time challenges and best practices.

Exercise Injects

Firestorm creates actual content for more realistic simulations. Many of these are re-created from actual cases to ensure applicability. Based on the needs and desired outcome of the exercise, these can include:

  • Live calls into the exercise
  • Videos to simulate external actors
  • Images to support details and visual cues
  • Simulated emails
  • Simulated text messages

Meet the Professional Services Solutions Team:

Wendy Ruffcorn is the EVP of Professional Services for Firestorm. Wendy serves in this leadership role to implement, consult, and advise on a wide array of Firestorm client services and deliverables. She collaborates with Firestorm leadership on key company-wide initiatives in the design and development of the strategic objectives and goals of Firestorm, in support of its overall vision and mission.

In addition to overseeing and managing the delivery of Firestorm products and services, Wendy provides professional guidance and directs the efforts of Firestorm business continuity coordinators, planners, and business partners throughout the continuity planning life-cycle. She leads on content and plan development, services delivery, operations management, and thought leadership associated with delivering quality business continuity programs that align with standards and best practices. Learn more about Wendy.