Threat & Vulnerability Identification
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In/Out/Across Analysis

Threats and Vulnerabilities

Threats include any external event or exposure with the potential to damage your people, business or reputation.  Vulnerabilities are ways in which your people, business, or reputation are exposed (or unprotected against) threats.

We identify possible exposures and vulnerabilities facing your organization, including both natural and man-made disasters, through our plan, audit/review and site & threat assessment. Then, we will work to quantify the potential impact of these risks – before, during and following a disaster or crisis.  This process helps us in the next step – Plan for Crisis – in structuring the right business continuity plan for your organization.

Our Process

Before crisis plan development, we want to conduct a comprehensive baseline analysis and assessment of crisis preparedness.  To do so, we utilize document and procedure reviews (including Assessments & Tools), questionnaires, surveys, personal interviews, and site assessment inspections of client locations to identify strategic opportunities for increasing operational control and efficiency in predicting and responding to threats and crises.  These help us to better understand your organization, and for you to understand key vulnerabilities.

We will also want to carefully review any crisis management plans that may have been previously developed.  This will enable us to identify any gaps in your current continuity and disaster recovery plans, so that we can recommend specific process improvements and enhancements for command and control, operations, emergency response, employee procedures, communication and facility upgrades.

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