Merged Media Monitoring

“There is a significant lack of understanding by social media users that monitoring must be equal in scale to adoption, and that monitoring goes beyond marketing analysis; it can be used to track brand and company threat trends, competitor information, employee use and misuse, brand detractor attacks, and a variety of new product development and service enhancement initiatives via customer engagement. Companies that have adopted social media without a clear monitoring plan are not truly using social media.”

— James W. Satterfield, President & CEO, Firestorm as quoted in ContinuityInsights


“What should we do now?” “What should we say?”

Effective crisis communication is a crucial element in effective crisis management and should assume a central role from the start. It establishes employee and client confidence in the ability of a company to deal with a crisis and to bring about a rapid resolution. Effective crisis communication is also integral to the larger process of information exchange aimed at eliciting trust and promoting understanding of the relevant issues or actions.

Providing accurate and timely information to employees and other stakeholders is essential to the crisis communications process. Identifying and prioritizing target audiences and then identifying channels of communications must be established for effective internal and external communications. Plans must consider alternate communications sources: newsletters, social media, email, text messaging, and 1-800 lines. It must include predetermined stand-by message and tactics such as prepared templates, ready-to-use news releases, media statements, social media messaging, fact sheets, and backgrounds.

It is no longer enough to think of all media as solely another medium to market your business. In fact, the failure to monitor social media may mean the end of your organization.

Incorporating social and traditional media (merged-media) monitoring into your day-to-day practice is necessary to protect both your organization and its clients.

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