Workplace Violence Risk Assessment

Determine Your Level of Readiness

There is no single prescription for reducing violence in the workplace. Each organization is unique and operates in a different social, cultural, ethnic and economic environment. When planning workplace safety issues, Firestorm considers an organization’s culture, history, size, industry, and workforce. 

Workplace Violence Myth: Most Incidents Come Out of the Blue.

The fact is that these incidents don’t just happen spontaneously. People work through a process—there is a pathway that people will pursue toward ultimately committing violence.

(John Lane,vice president of crisis and security consulting at Control Risks)

How Firestorm Workplace Violence Self-Assessment Works

Although workplace violence can often be unforeseen, it may often be the ultimate outcome of continued issues involving employees and/or management. Either way, there are steps to take to prevent workplace violence and to protect employees. Having a system to report workplace violence threats, or tell-tale signs of such is one way that organizations can intervene before a situation culminates into a full, violent incident. Eliminating violence in the workplace before it happens should be a top priority for every executive, manager and team leader.

A comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Program requires a cultural change, not just the incorporation of the latest security technology. Policies, procedures, and people are the key building blocks to an effective program and safe environment. Careful planning will integrate a Workplace Violence Prevention Program with an organization’s existing business continuity plans, processes, and procedures, in order to mitigate damages caused by a predicted or unforeseen crisis.

Building a Workplace Violence Prevention Program, using the Firestorm unique PREDICT. PLAN. PERFORM.® process, is accomplished through the following phases:


Assess your company’s current readiness level;
Identify and classify the critical risks;
Define triggers;
Ascertain critical decisions, analyze gaps;
Identify infrastructure needs; and
Define reporting and investigating requirements.

The PLAN Phase

Develop the strategy;
Construct the plan, including policies & procedures;
Identify key personnel; and
Develop training and awareness programs.


Establish protocols for implementation;
First responder/community involvement;
Test exercises; and
Audits/reviews, updates, and compliance.

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The Firestorm Workplace Violence Self-Assessment offers a diagnostic tool that provides an in-depth evaluation of your organization’s readiness. The self-assessment:

  • Measures current performance levels and assesses your readiness to prevent and respond to acts of workplace violence.
  • Establishes a baseline, and sets up process improvement metrics to ensure the best possible return on the resources invested.
  • Is completed in a one-hour interview.

How Firestorm Workplace Violence Self-Assessment Works

Description of Service: The self-assessment is a series of fifty plus questions that are divided across the following areas of a Workplace Violence Prevention Program:

  1. Program & Framework
  2. Roles & Responsibilities
  3. Risk
  4. Prevention & Control
  5. Monitoring & Triggers
  6. Training & Awareness
  7. Reporting & Investigation
  8. Incident Response
  9. Follow-Up / Corrective Actions

Through a single group interview, Firestorm engages in a conversational series of questions with key representatives from your Workplace Violence Prevention Program. Each question is designed to capture a specific, structured response from a multiple choice selection.

Upon completion of the interview, Firestorm produces a narrative analysis that includes a calculated Preaction Index Rating™ and a chart demonstrating overall scoring by the key dimensions, as well as an overall ranking of program “readiness”.

If needed, Firestorm will propose a strategy for your company to implement a Workplace Violence Prevention Program that will align with industry best practices.

PREDICT. PLAN. PERFORM.®: The Perfect Road-map for Readiness

PREDICT. The Firestorm Workplace Violence Self-Assessment diagnostic tool measures your organization’s current level of readiness, and shows you how to implement improvements with the highest return on investment.

PLAN. With the Firestorm self-assessment and analysis completed, you can utilize the Firestorm Workplace Violence Prevention Program ToolKit™ to begin building a program that meets best practices in all categories.

PERFORM. By implementing Firestorm recommended improvements and adjustments, your organization will gain value from overall preparedness.