workshop series


These interactive workshops address the crises embedded in your business.

Each workshop is tailored to the specific attributes of your organization—revenue size, industry, ownership structure, governance and number of employees.

Avoid The Crisis Graveyard

The Firestorm® Business Crisis-Risk™ Prevention and Performance Group will prepare your management team to identify and prevent crises before they happen, and be there as a CRISIS COACH® if a crisis does occur.


workshop 1 This workshop includes the senior management team of your company.  The team will:

  • Learn the four stages of business crisis
  • Identify attributes of a crisis
  • Brainstorm crisis in your business
  • Identify the team for workshop two
workshop 2 This workshop includes front line managers and select senior management. The team will:

  • Examine the potential crisis impact on people, profits and reputation
  • Classify the impacts by probability, speed of onset, duration, intensity and impact
workshop 3 This workshop focuses on developing prevention & containment plans for selected crises and risks.

The team will:

  • Employ cross-functional teams
  • Assess the impact on the company
  • Identify communication plans’ constituents
  • Design detailed response and action plans
  • Develop timeline for completion of plan
workshop 4 This workshop brings the two teams together. They will:

  • Review plans, test results and
  • make modifications
  • Discuss ‘crisis-risk spotting’ using indicators
  • Design key messages for
  • internal communications
  • Participate in crisis scenario training for response testing

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Forward thinking leadership that recognizes that all organizations face a crisis at some point and that the odds of their survival, while mitigating the impact to its stakeholders, reputation and profitability exponentially increases when prepared.

Board of Directors who understand that they do not have complete visibility into the crisis-risk of their organization; and in order to reduce their reputational risk will retain an expert who manages crisis on  a daily basis to assess managements’ effectiveness in a business crisis environment.

Financial Institutions that want to assist clients in identifying the crisis-risk in their business before it impacts their ability to perform. A management team trained in business crisis management is more likely to survive and thrive in a crisis environment.

Insurance Companies and Brokers who want to mitigate the frequency and severity of business claims such as: business interruption, data breach, sexual harassment, fiduciary and fraud claims. Having trained for the crisis before it occurs will reduce the likelihood of a claim or reduce its impact.

Organizations that find themselves in a crisis and need the immediate expertise of a crisis manager; experience is the best teacher, and during an acute, chronic or severe crisis is not the time to be ‘learning on the job’. Our seasoned veterans of crisis management will help contain and mitigate the crisis and position the company to move forward.

Don’t wait for your crisis to find you.
Contact us.

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