Crisis Event Impact Report Cover Firestorm Analytical Solutions Crisis Event Impact Management Report

This global report combines data from executives across 14 countries in more than 50 major industry verticals. The report quantifies various types of economic impacts on a business due to disruptive events and identifies year-over-year trends. This report helps readers understand the costs associated with incidents, and the effectiveness of efforts to adapt and resume normal activity.

IT Resiliency Report CoverFirestorm Analytical Solutions IT Resiliency Planning Assessment Report

The Firestorm IT Resiliency Report identifies the preparedness levels of IT Resiliency programs to include: disaster recovery, data backup, program characteristics, and integration with IT operations.

Firestorm Analytical Solutions Business Continuity Management Trending Report

The Firestorm 11th Edition BCM Trending Report assesses Business Continuity Planning initiatives, which includes budgets, dedicated personnel, program assessments, exercises, plan development, program management and much more.  

Firestorm Analytical Solutions Third Party Suppler & Vendor Utilization Report

The Firestorm 3rd Edition Third Party Supplier & Vendor Utilization Report assesses BCM service providers (alternate site, software, notification and mobile recovery) and critical/ third party suppliers.  

Firestorm Analytical Solutions 3rd Edition Program Maturity Report

The 2019 Firestorm Analytical Solutions  3rd Edition Program Maturity Report assesses how organizations are measuring the effectiveness of their Business Continuity/Resiliency programs, standards upon which programs are being measured, and how to best gain executive support in elevating their program’s maturity level. 

17th Edition Business Continuity Compensation Report – For Full-time, Permanently Employed Professionals

Our 17th BCM Compensation Report highlights the factors that impact compensations from job title, degree, certification, geography, management skills, leadership skills, among other criteria.  This report focuses on a worldwide assessment by regions with a special focus on the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

17th Edition Business Continuity Compensation Report – For Independent Consultants

Our 17th BCM Compensation Report for Independent Consultants highlights average hourly rates to average annual compensations. This report focuses on several factors that impact the earning potential for consultants; including experience, degree, and leadership expertise.  In addition, this report assesses contract engagement terms. Our report consists of a worldwide assessment by region.