16th Edition Firestorm Analytical Solutions Business Continuity Compensation Report Now Available for Order

Study HistoryFirestorm Compensation Study promo sheet
Since 2001 BC Management, Inc., now Firestorm, has been gathering data on business continuity management programs and compensations to provide professionals with the information they need to elevate their programs. Each year our organization strives to improve upon the study questions, distribution of the study and the reporting of the data collected.

Study Methodology
The online study was developed by the Firestorm Analytical Solutions team in conjunction with the study’s International Benchmarking Advisory Board. The study was launched in January of 2018 and remained open through March 2018. Participants were notified of the study primarily through e-newsletters and notifications from Firestorm Analytical Solutions and from many other industry organizations.

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Assessment of Data and Reporting
Firestorm Analytical Solutions is continuously reviewing and verifying the data points received in the study. Data points in question are confirmed by contacting the respondent who completed that study. If the respondent did not include their contact information, then their response to the study may be removed. With over sixteen years of expertise in collecting and assessing such data points, Firestorm Analytical Solutions has an exceptional understanding of what is considered questionable or unintelligible data.

  • In this year’s study, forty different countries participated in the assessment.Firestorm Business Continuity Compensation Report Gender and Degree Graph
  • Respondents receive a unique path of branching questions dependent upon their experience and employment status.
  • The study accommodates professionals who are permanently employed on a full-time, part-time basis, self-employed as an independent contractor or unemployed.
  • The study is coded with extensive logic to ensure a correct question branching path and to eliminate unintelligible data.

More than 900 participants

The study received over 900 participants internationally. 921 participated and 756 professionals completed the compensation study. A majority of those respondents came from the United States, which totaled 512. Of those respondents, 440 were full-time employees (FTE), 56 were independent contractors, 3 were part-time employees (PTE) and 13 were unemployed.

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