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Quality and depth of data is essential in understanding how best to stay on the leading edge, manage business and become more competitive.Firestorm Compensation Study promo sheet

We have thousands of proprietary datasets to generate powerful insights that can be used to establish the foundation for all client initiatives and Firestorm Solutions.

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Compensation Benchmarking

Firestorm Analytical Solutions offers customized Business Continuity Management compensation data research that allows organizations to properly benchmark their compensations.
For more than nine years, organizations have depended on our research in determining fair Business Continuity Management compensations.  Reports may be personalized in selecting from any combination of the following demographics to ensure a comparison to similar study respondents: 
  • Employment Status
  • Geography
  • Job Title/ Position
  • Years of Experience
  • Discipline (business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management, etc)       

*All respondent contact (organization and personal) information is kept confidential and is never revealed or sold.

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