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DownloadWPAfter-Action Analysis – A Brief by Jim Satterfield

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While Hurricane Sandy demonstrated significant direct impacts on over a million businesses with millions more impacted through their supply chains, this brief is applicable to ANY crisis – from natural disasters to episodes of Workplace Violence.

A crisis is not business as usual. A crisis is business as unusual. Crises have a short duration, but have consequences that can determine the viability of a business or organization for years to come.

Identifying and documenting the lessons learned becomes required under best practices and standards. Failure to do so, perpetuates these exposure gaps.

An independent third party facilitated, after-action analysis empowers the audit committee, board, and senior officers with actionable information needed to meet their governance responsibilities and eliminate gaps. There is an urgency to conduct this analysis before valuable information and insights are lost. The report should be completed within five working days of the recovery and distributed all participants.

“What should we do now?” “What should we say?”

This brief by Firestorm President and COO Jim Satterfield will present the key questions and items to address when dealing with the aftermath of a crisis event, and allow you to quickly address the lessons learned and next steps for your business.

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